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Kuwait U. Administrators Attend Training Seminar

Seventeen members of Kuwait University's administrative staff visited NTU in late October to take part in a five-day training seminar, the second to be conducted under the Kuwait University Administrative Personnel Training Seminar Project. The first such seminar brought 16 KU personnel to NTU last March, while a third seminar is scheduled to be held in March 2015. In addition to permitting the KU administrators to observe our university's administrative system and share experiences with members of the NTU staff, the exchange project is hoped to create a foundation for greater cooperation between the two institutions.

The visiting administrators who attended the latest seminar came from three KU administrative divisions: the Libraries Administration, Center of Information Systems, and Safety and Security Department. While here, they worked side by side with their NTU counterparts at the NTU Library, the Computer and Information Networking Center, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center, Campus Security of the Office of General Affairs, Health Center of the Office of Student Affairs, and Student Safety Division of the Office of Student Affairs.

At the seminar's opening ceremony, NTU Vice President for International Affairs Luisa Shu-Ying Chang extended a warm welcome to the Kuwaiti guests and thanked the KU administration for making the exchange project possible. Also in attendance was Mr. Azmi Wang-Lu Chang, Consul general on home assignment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department of West Asian and African Affairs, who, speaking in Arabic, expressed delight at this repeated close cooperation between Taiwan and Kuwait.

During the closing ceremony, Deputy Vice President for International Affairs Bennett Fu announced that our Vice President for Academic Affairs later led a group of 12 NTU students on a visit to KU in late November.

Though the seminar was focused on practical issues of university administration, the seminar participants also got an experience of Taiwan through such classes as "A Look into Taiwan through Music" and "A Look into Taiwan through Folk Culture."