International Corner  
Ambassador Explores Variety of Etiquette around the Globe

The Office of International Affairs invited Taiwan's ambassador to Paraguay, José María Liu, to lead a forum exploring the diverse world of international etiquette on October 13. As a world-traveled diplomat, Ambassador Liu has accumulated a wealth of rich and fascinating personal experiences. During the forum, he generously shared his insights into the diverse forms of etiquette practiced around the globe.

The OIA was delighted to gain the cooperation of the members of the Alliance of National Taiwan Universities, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, as well as Fu Jen Catholic University, and National Taipei University of Business in organizing the event. The forum was attended by the students, faculty, and staff of the five universities.

Each participant in the forum was presented with a copy of an international etiquette manual co-edited by Ambassador Liu. The diplomat opened his presentation by using the manual to explain the meaning and importance of etiquette. He then proceeded to elaborate on specific forms of etiquette by addressing the six categories of clothing, food, lodging, transportation, education, and recreation.

Ambassador Liu noted that wearing the proper apparel for different occasions creates an appropriate and more advantageous impression. He also discussed the proper order for lining up to take public transportation and elevators, and the rules for making seating arrangements in different countries. In demonstrating the wide variety of cultural customs and etiquette found around the world, Liu pointed out that bowing is a greeting in Japan, Indians avoid eating with the left hand, and different religions prohibit the consumption of certain types of meat. The ambassador concluded his presentation by stressing that the best rule of etiquette is to "respect the rules, follow the local customs, and maintain one's composure."