New Campus Bookstore Serves Up History with a Cup of Coffee

NTU Press opened a cozy new campus bookstore at the Gallery of NTU History on October 1. The Gallery of NTU History serves as a repository of the shared memories of all Taida People, and the bookstore aims to complement the gallery by offering publications that depict the university's glorious history. NTU Press expects the new bookstore to become not just a place for old memories but a space where new stories are created while the readers enjoy the old and the new Taida over a cup of coffee.

On September 30, NTU President Pan-Chyr Yang joined NTU Press Director Jieh Hsiang in presiding over the bookstore's opening ceremony. Among the honored guests in attendance were many of the university's top officials.

Addressing the ceremony, Director Hsiang expressed appreciation for President Yang's support, pointing out that it was the school's backing that had made it possible for such a beautiful bookstore to brighten the campus. Director Hsiang said the bookstore would focus on books covering the university's history, campus, and people and would carry arts and crafts, souvenirs, and educational materials designed for the university'svarious departments and units.

In response, President Yang voiced his hope that the bookstore would become a comfortable place where NTU students, faculty, staff, as well as returning alumni could come to read about the university's history while enjoying a cup of coffee. President Yang also called uponthe university's faculty advisors to come with their students to sit and share conversations about life and the future.