History Gallery Honors Experimental Forest

The exhibition "Tree Rings: The History of NTU Experimental Forest" opened at The Gallery of NTU History's Chuan Liu Exhibition Hall on November 5.

The Xitou Experimental Forest accounts for 96% of the land held by the NTU system. However, as it is high in the remote mountains of central Nantou County, it remains largely unknown to the public as well as most of the members of the NTU family. As a result, NTU's history museum decided to organize this year-long exhibition of the forest to introduce its history and special features and to recognize the countless trees it has protected and the innumerable professionals it has educated. Additionally, it is hoped that the exhibition will encourage the public to love and cherish the mountains and rivers of this beautiful earth.

In 2004, the Experimental Forest inaugurated a nature education area as well as the Shuili Wood Utilization and Product Exhibition Center. These facilities support the Experimental Forest's efforts to offer environmental education to the general public by combining recreation with natural science education.

This long-term exhibit is scheduled to run through to September 30, 2015.