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Students Construct Miniature Campus out of Tiny Building Bricks

During this year’s Azalea Festival, our annual March-long celebration of all things NTU, the Gallery of NTU History held two interactive workshops that allowed participants to create miniature versions of our remarkable campus architecture out of TICO Mini Bricks.  The completed works were placed onto a campus map and displayed in the Miniature Campus section of the exhibition “Invisible and Visible NTU,” a special long-term showcase of the university’s past and present.

The museum organized the workshops in collaboration with Shiarn Fur Industry Co., the Taiwanese company behind the tiny Lego-like building bricks.  Besides providing a supply of Mini Bricks, which come in sizes as small as four-by-four millimeters, the company also enlisted the skills of geometric sculpture artist Kuan-Ying Wu.

Wu opened the workshops with a one-hour tutorial covering the techniques for creating intricate architectural designs.  The participants then proceeded to carefully piece together their creations over the course of two hours under the guidance of the instructor.

Among the examples of campus architecture that were recreated in miniature were the Gallery of NTU History, College of Liberal Arts Building, Administration Building, Building No.2, Civil Engineering Building, Forestry Hall, Lu Ming Hall, Luna Pond, NTU Sports Center, and Just Sleep Hotel.

Most of the participants in this year’s events were NTU students from the College of Engineering, College of BioResources and Agriculture, and College of Science.  One exchange student from China also took part in the fun.