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Setting Sail: Launch of the Israel Apprenticeship Program and Overseas Internship Program


The launch ceremony, co-hosted by President Wen-Chang Chen and Founders of JTCA Mr. Jeffrey D. Schwartz and Ms. Na Tang, attended by representatives of partners and sponsors to witness this important milestone in the lives of 30 NTU students who will head to Israel as well as over 60 students who will visit other countries for their internships this summer.

NTU held the launch ceremony of the Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association (JTCA) Taiwanese Students Study Tour in Israel & NTU Overseas Internship Program (NTU OIP) in May. The event was co-hosted by NTU President Wen-Chang Chen and JTCA Founders Mr. Jeffrey D. Schwartz and Ms. Na Tang. Representatives of partners and sponsors were also invited to witness this important milestone in the lives of over 60 students—to cheer them on as they embark on an exciting chapter on their life journey.

The JTCA Study Tour was designed to expand the students’ international horizons and inspire their innovativeness. This summer, thirty NTU students will visit well-known Israeli start-up companies and NGOs to learn from local universities and experience Jewish culture. The JTCA will provide accommodations, transportation, and meals, allowing the students to experience Israel’s vibrant startup culture first hand and gain fresh perspectives and insight into Jewish culture.

The NTU Overseas Internship Program is NTU’s first university-level overseas internship program. Students will do their internships in companies, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions abroad. The program employs a “Mentor-Apprentice System” for overseas institutions to choose mentors to guide the students in terms of their studies and internships, experience the workplace culture in a different country, or engage in international services that will be beneficial for developing their future careers. Program partners include IBM Research, Kew Gardens, Step30, as well as numerous other enterprises and university laboratories.

President Chen affirmed that by participating in the JTCA Study Tour and NTU OIP, students can expand their international horizons or engage in social services in order to develop problem-solving skills and the spirit of altruism. The launch ceremony is intended to send off students who are about to embark on a new journey across the ocean and explore future career possibilities.

President Chen, Mr. Jeffrey D. Schwartz, and Ms. Na Tang, joined by representatives of partners and sponsors.

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