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Co-hosting the 2023 ESG and Management Innovation International Conference with Macquarie University


The NTU College of Management and NTU Management Review, in collaboration with Macquarie University Business School (MQBS) in Sydney, Australia, jointly organized the 2023 ESG and Management Innovation International Conference this past spring. This conference delved into various areas of business management, including finance, accounting, marketing, operations and information management, and organizational behavior. However, the primary focus of the event was environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), a rising critical area of study in contemporary business management research.

During the two-day conference, 43 carefully selected research papers were presented by scholars from several countries around the world. Additionally, the program featured two keynote speeches and a Doctoral Students’ Research Incubator Symposium, further deepening the academic discussions.

In his remarks, Rahat Munir, Head of the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance at MQBS, highlighted the growing prominence of ESG in the theory and practice of business management. He emphasized how the concept and application of ESG have become essential for businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. In his presentation, Shing-Yang Hu, Dean of the College of Management at NTU, also stressed the significance of bridging the gap between current industry trends and academic research.

At the Closing Ceremony, Munir again expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to hold the first on-site international conference since the pandemic, successfully setting the stage for in-depth academic interchanges with NTU. He reiterated his hopes for more academic exchanges and the further exploration of developing mutual visiting programs that would foster greater research collaboration. For his part, Dean Hu emphasized the significant contribution of the conference to both institutions. He envisioned the event as the starting point for an enduring partnership, serving as a diverse platform for engaging in academic interchanges on topics like corporate sustainability and other fields of management research.

The “2023 ESG and Management Innovation” international conference served as a crucial platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to come together and explore the intricacies of ESG and its implications for contemporary business management. The conference’s success in facilitating in-depth academic exchanges, presenting high-quality research papers, and nurturing the potential for future collaborations between the institutions is a testament to the significance of such events for advancing knowledge and driving sustainable management practices.

Participants at the 2023 ESG and Management Innovation International Conference in Sydney, Australia.

At the Opening Ceremony, representatives from NTU and MBQS exchange commemorative gifts, signifying the start of a friendly and deepening academic exchange between Taiwan and Australia through this two-day conference.

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