Chasing Dreams at Full Speed: NTU Racing unveils Epsilon 4


NTU Racing Unveils the Next-Generation Race Car.

Buckle up and rev up your engine for a ride of a lifetime! NTU Racing, a car racing team, driven by the passion of brilliant ensemble of NTU students from various departments, pulled off the ultimate car unveiling event in July. The team debuted their latest masterpiece, the all-new fourth-generation race car—the “Epsilon 4.” Compared to its predecessors, the Epsilon 4 features a new battery module, lighter weight, stronger structural integrity, and an added bottom plate and anti-toll bars for increased stability. The Epsilon 4 can reach a maximum speed of 96 kilometers per hour and its outstanding performance helped NTU Racing achieve impressive results in the Formula Student Taiwan (FST) car racing tournament hosted at Lipao Racing Park.

NTU Racing’s Captain Pei-Xun Su affirms that the pandemic did not prevent the team from pursuing their goal and building Epsilon 4. Last December, the car racing team participated in Formula SAE Australasia. It was the only Taiwanese car racing team to join the competition, and the only non-Australian team to win the PACCAR - Most Impressive Student Award.

Th Formula SAE Australasia includes dynamic and static competitions. NTU Racing made an impressive debut, earning a prestigious 5th place award in the business presentation category. Though they missed out on the dynamic competition due to a minor setback in the second round EV examination, they were undaunted and their spirits remained high.

Yearning to conquer new heights, NTU Racing has set its sights on an even grander challenge — the renowned Formula SAE Japan (FSAE-J) in 2024. Formula SAE challenges undergraduate and graduate students to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racing cars, providing participants the opportunity to compete with top teams from all over the world. The competition is a platform for global teams to exchange ideas, compete, and gain exposure, driving the integration of academic knowledge and practical skills.

For NTU Racing, FSAE-J represents the ultimate proving ground, where participating student will step onto the international stage and seize the opportunity to sharpen their technical expertise, hone their skills, and help them thrive in the automotive industry. With steadfast determination and passion, NTU students are ready to turn their dreams into reality and dominate the racetracks!

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Epsilon 4 features lighter weight, stronger structural integrity, an added bottom plate and anti-toll bars for increased stability, and a maximum speed of 96 kilometers per hour!

According to Prof. Kuei-Yuan Chan, who heads the Department of Mechanical Engineering and advises NTU Racing, the team primarily comprises mechanical engineering students. However, they also welcome students from a variety of disciplines, such as electrical engineering, life sciences, accounting, and history. During the past five years, the team has honed their skills and amassed valuable experience in crafting electric race cars. Yet, they also seek the ongoing support of industry and academia alike, to showcase their brilliance and thrive in this competitive dynamic field.

Executive Vice President Shih-Torng Ding (First right) emphasizes that NTU Racing's journey in constructing electric race cars and competing on the global stage reflects the University's vision to empower its students to showcase their abilities, chase their dreams, and engage with the international community, while upholding such core values as altruism. He further stresses that NTU students and faculty's practical application of problem-solving skills, their moving beyond theory and textbooks, aligns closely with the University's core values. He also expresses heartfelt appreciation to the sponsoring companies for their invaluable support for turning these dreams into reality.