Prof. Da-Ming Wang, Secretary-General:

Embracing the Next Century of Excellence


Intro video about NTU Secretary-General, Prof. Da-Ming Wang.

The core mission of the Secretariat is “bringing people together.” A great campus can have many voices, and the Secretariat is dedicated to finding common ground, opening up communication, and fostering collaboration among different groups. National Taiwan University will celebrate its centennial in 2028, and at this crossroad of transition, we aim to showcase our rich and diverse traditions on the international stage.

For the centennial celebrations, we will select the “Top 100 Contributions” made by NTU during its history and showcase relevant collections and materials in the newly-built Centennial Museum. These contributions span the domains of technology and culture. Starting in 2024, twenty such contributions will be unveiled each year, reaching precisely 100 by 2028. The Secretariat has set up a dedicated committee to solicit personnel recommendations from each unit, department, and college. The following step is for each college to propose achievements made in their respective fields worthy of this honor. Then, the Secretariat will compile the achievement proposals for review and final decision by the committee.

Along the path of internationalization, an inter-departmental effort is needed to make the campus environment more friendly to cross-border exchanges and learning. The Secretariat strives to make more webpages bilingual; meanwhile, the Office of International Affairs coordinates with colleges and departments to expand the number and range of English taught courses, and the Office of Student Affairs is revising scholarship award guidelines and internship regulations to make studies and transition to employment more accessible for international students. As the core mediator, the Secretariat stands ready to coordinate and implement solutions that are flexible and conducive to integration.

The Secretariat’s various tasks require a structured system and coordinated resource integration. The Media Relations & Communications Center and Alumni Center under the Secretariat both provide critical functions in this regard. In the past, the NTU anniversary was mostly about inviting alumni back to the school for the ceremony, but now opportunities have been created for the President to engage each alumni association and branch in person and share his vision for NTU. The Alumni Center also seeks ways for the President to strengthen ties with overseas alumni through in-person visits and online meetings. When alumni feel more connected to the university and have more opportunities for involvement, they are more inclined to give back to their alma mater.

Prof. Da-Ming Wang is the Secretary-General and a professor of the College of Engineering, specialized in membrane separation technology, molecular simulation, and tissue engineering.

Prof. Wang thinks the core mission of the Secretariat is bringing people together. He expects the Secretariat to coordinate and implement solutions that are flexible and conducive to integration.