Raymond Soong Commits NT$200 Million over the Next 10 Years to Sponsor Nobel Laureates


NTU will establish the “Asian Institute for Advanced Studies” to appoint world-class scholars as chair professors.

A momentous occasion occurred on NTU campus this past August when NTU President Wen-Chang Chen and Raymond Soong, the founder of Lite-On Technology, met to announce the establishment of the "Raymond Soong Top Research Seminar." Soong has committed NT$20 million annually for the next decade-- an impressive NT$200 million in total. These funds are earmarked to support the Seminar's central mission: appoint Nobel Prize laureates as chair professors to collaborate with NTU faculty. These collaborations will include both short-term and long-term visits, aimed at enriching NTU's academic exchanges and research capabilities. Representing NTU, a group of faculty and staff were on hand to extend their heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Soong for his exceptional generosity.

The primary objective of the Seminar is to expand the horizons and expertise of NTU faculty and students. The Seminar is expected to feature renowned experts in the fields of advanced technology, including semiconductors, data science, sustainable energy, precision medicine, quantum technology, as well as sinology and law. Notably, all invitees must be either Nobel laureates or outstanding experts, internationally recognized in their fields. By hosting collaborations with these distinguished individuals, NTU aspires to bolster its global influence, foster international academic collaborations, and augment the university's competitiveness and visibility on the world stage.

Besides his support for academia, Soong also expresses a heartfelt desire to leverage this seminar as a catalyst for advancing higher education across the nation. He recognizes the pivotal role played by a strong university education in nurturing talent and acknowledges NTU's preeminence in this regard. He expresses his profound gratitude for NTU's invaluable contributions to Taiwanese society. By inviting esteemed international scholars to NTU, the Seminar will serve as a platform for cross-regional and interdisciplinary exchanges. He hopes that this initiative will not only expand NTU students' horizons but also inspire NTU scholars and researchers to engage in in-depth global dialogues to cultivate the top-tier talent that Taiwan needs to thrive on the global stage.

The donation ceremony for the "Raymond Soong Top Research Seminar," held in August.

Mr. Song expressing his belief that exchanges with esteemed international scholars will improve NTU's global standing and Taiwan’s higher education. He is thus offering donations to fund relevant initiatives.