Freshmen Orientation Camp: Unveiling the Magic


International students learn about NTU campus life by playing board games.

For over a decade, the Orientation Camp (OC) has been an essential campus rite of passage, introducing the vibrant world of NTU to the wide-eyed freshmen. This year, the organizers of OC 16 drew inspiration from Tarot cards in innovating an array of amusing activities-- puzzle-solving, break-out games, newcomer orientation, a mesmerizing club bazaar, and a thrilling music festival. By participating in these activities, the newcomers received helpful tips on selecting courses, getting around campus, finding a place to stay, and generally making the most of campus life.

The OC kicked off with the puzzle-solving adventure Real Escape and the breakout game First-Year Student’s Guide. On the Real Escape adventure, the participants played team-based Monopoly games and quiz games on topics like course selection to acquaint them with the ins and outs of campus life. By exploring the First Year Student’s Guide, the newcomers became acquainted important campus issues, such as gender equality, campus mobility, and respect for indigenous peoples and cultures. Over 2,200 incoming students joined this quest to explore NTU's numerous mysteries.

Several inspiring speakers led the next activity, Newcomer Orientation. Associate Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Kuo-Hsin Yang; Recipient of the NTU Outstanding Teaching Award, Prof. Ling-Chieh Kung; Information Visualization expert and writer, Chi-Chieh Peng; and Lecturer Jennifer Li-Yin Lin of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, all shared their perspectives and insights about the treasure-trove of resources NTU has to offer as well as their own memorable experiences at NTU. As for the club bazaar, representatives of over 56 student clubs diligently curated enticing booths on site, offering food, music, games, and other interactive activities. An impressive 1,600 incoming students sampled the vibrant activities served at the club bazaar and tasted the joy of club life.

The grand finale was the OC Music Festival, featuring Crispy, a renowned music band formed by several NTU graduates. As their music electrified the air, 18 administrative units set up booths, unveiling vivid tapestries of NTU’s academic and administrative resources. The warmth and spirit of the band’s riffs and crescendos filled the hearts of everyone present, charming the 1,500-plus students with their rich harmonies in celebration of these newcomers to the NTU family. This OC, much like a Tarot reading, unveiled the magical journey that awaits NTU's newest members.

Candid video of the Orientation Camp.

Symposium for international freshmen.

Newcomers explore NTU by playing board games.

NTU Balloon Club greets new students at the Club Bazaar.

The Music Festival is the grand finale of this year’s Orientation Camp.