NTU Honored for Global Patent Grants


Conducting experiments in NTU Biointerface and Biomaterials Engineering Lab.

On February 22, 2024, the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), Florida, USA, announced the “Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted Utility Patents in 2023.” The top three universities around the world that have been granted the most U.S. invention patents were the University of California system, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the University of Texas system. Having obtained 55 granted patents, National Taiwan University (NTU) ranked 58th globally—exceeding many prestigious universities, including Kyoto University, Japan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Oxford, UK.

Currently, NTU holds over 2,400 valid patents, primarily from Taiwan and the United States. In the era of the knowledge economy, universities play a pivotal role in translating research findings into industrial applications, thereby driving industrial technological innovation and development while fostering economic growth. To accelerate technology diffusion, technology transfer, and matchmaking benefits, NTU hosts the NTU Technology Transaction Network to showcase the university's innovative capabilities. In addition, NTU also hosts theme-based industry exchange meetings and exhibitions through its Industry Liaison Office to promote patent technology licensing and sales.

In 2021, in response to China's sudden ban on the import of atemoya from Taiwan, NTU licensed its Smart Agriculture "Atemoya Long-distance Storage and Transportation Technology" to the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), gratis. By facilitating MOA's international market channels and providing transportation subsidies, NTU played a crucial role in resolving the atemoya ban crisis.

NTU also fosters entrepreneurship among its in-house R&D teams through the NTU Innovation and Incubation Center. By integrating resources and providing the ideal environment, startups and small and medium-sized companies may gain access to NTU's abundant R&D resources. In return, enterprises receive assistance in operations, technological development, and capital expansion. To date, over 240 small and medium companies have participated in the program, with 220 successfully completing the program and seven going on to complete IPOs.

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