NTU Shines at the 2024 ICPC World Finals


The 46th ICPC World Awards Ceremony

Launched in 1977, the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) stands as a pinnacle of excellence as the Olympics of competitive programming. Throughout its illustrious 46-year history, this esteemed competition has attracted participants from over 100 countries--nearly 60,000 university students annually. Widely considered the premier programming contest for university students worldwide, ICPC serves as a crucible where exceptional talent is challenged and celebrated. The outstanding programmers who emerge victorious from this contest are coveted by prestigious universities and industry leaders alike.

ICPC commences every autumn with regional contests. Divided into eight regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Northern Eurasia, East Asia, West Asia, Asia Pacific, and Africa, ICPC draws participants from all corners of the world. Success in these regional battles wins universities coveted tickets to the following year’s World Finals.

ICPC is a team-based competition, each team consisting of three members. Within a five-hour timeframe, each team must share a single computer to solve approximately 12 problems covering advanced algorithms, data structures, computational geometry, number theory, and so on. ICPC is aimed to challenge the participants’ intelligence, analytical skills, problem-solving efficiency, stability, and teamwork. Almost every competition pushes the participants’ problem-solving skills to the limit. The intense pressure stems not only from rivalries among participating universities but also from the intellectual grapples between the students and judges.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 46th and 47th ICPC World Finals were postponed several times; they were finally held in Egypt in April 2024. The teams from NTU put in outstanding performances. In the 46th World Finals, they successfully solved 8 out of the 11 problems, surpassing the teams from many renowned universities, including Stanford University, to win the bronze medal. In the 47th World Finals, they solved 7 out of the 11 problems, tying with MIT for the 13th position. NTU’s Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) has a long history of coaching students for ICPC competitions. Since 2010, they have garnered three gold and one silver medals in the ICPC World Finals. Their teams’ outstanding performances this year once again demonstrate NTU’s world-class prowess in information technology.

NTU CSIE students Po-Yu Chou and Yuh-Sun Chiang and advisor Prof. Chiou-Shann Fuh and student Pingh-Suan Lin (left to right) win the bronze medal in the 46th ICPC World Finals Championship.

Advisor Prof. Pu-Jen Cheng and students Chung-Yi Cheng, Min-Yen Tsai, and Poh-Suan Su (left to right) celebrate ranking 13th place in the 47th ICPC World Finals Championship.