Int'l Alumni Homecoming: A Celebration of Strong Bonds and Fond Memories


Group photo of the first international alumni reunion.

NTU is honored to have educated more than 5,000 outstanding international graduates from more than 100 countries. Upon completing their studies, most of the alumni become NTU ambassadors around the world, while some choose to stay in Taiwan and contribute their expertise. In an effort to strengthen the bonds among the international alumni, the Office of International Affairs held its first international alumni homecoming on March 16 this year, attracting 60 alumni from 20 countries, including the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Turkey, and St. Lucia, to return to NTU campus. Many of the participating alumni had graduated over 20 years earlier, some traveling long distances to Taiwan for the grand event.

Many alumni have built great careers in Taiwan’s technology industry, higher education, construction, business management, and government agencies. The alumni shared their encouragement and support for their alma mater and current students on this special occasion. Hakki Caner Kirmizi, a master’s degree holder in Information Engineering from Turkey, shared his valuable experience of studying with outstanding and diligent peers during his years in graduate school. This experience not only spurred his personal growth but also contributed to his career development in Taiwan.

Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, the Vice President International Affairs, expressed her hope that by establishing an alumni network, NTU’s influence could be enhanced globally, thus making more resources available to current students and fostering the development of the university.

As a special treat, members of the student associations led the alumni from Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, Japan, Far from Home (English-speaking countries), and Malaysia on a campus tour, which stirred fond reminisces of their own experiences at every corner on campus. It was heart-warming to see everyone come together, sharing laughter and joy while catching up with old friends. We look forward to next year’s reunion and creating more beautiful memories together.

Priya Lalwani Purswaney, an alumnus from India, graduated from NTU with a Global MBA in 1997.

Latin American Student Association taking the alumni on a campus tour.