VP for General Affairs Prof. Wen-Cheng Liao:

Monumental Challenges of Campus Infrastructure

Office of General Affairs oversees all infrastructure projects on NTU campus, which are crucial to the everyday life of faculty, staff, and students. This year, the Office was assigned four major projects by the President: the construction of a student dormitory at the intersection of Xinhai Road and Keelung Road, the expansion of faculty dormitories, NTU TEC on Zhubei campus, and the Centennial Memorial Museum, in observance of the university’s 100th anniversary.


Don’t Let Go of a Good Idea: YouTube’s Co-Founder Steve Chen's Journey through Tech

Returning to NTU after two years, Steve Chen, the Co-Founder and former Chief Technology Officer of YouTube, a globally renowned internet entrepreneur, joined Dr. Tsung-Lin Yang, the current Deputy Director of NTU’s Center of Industry-Academia Collaboration for a fireside chat. Their conversation delved deep into Steve Chen's two decades of experience in Silicon Valley and his take on the start-up landscape in Taiwan.

Forging Academic Bonds: Collaborative Partnerships in France

Last October, President Wen-Chang Chen and Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Vice President for International Affairs, led a delegation to visit leading institutions in France, including the Institute of Health and Medical Research (CNRS), Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), and NTU’s strategic partner, Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). President Chen also participated in the Doctor Honoris Causa Ceremony at Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and reaffirmed NTU’s commitment through the renewal of both the MOU and Student Exchange Agreement with UGA President Yassine Lakhnech.

Festive Gathering at IMP Appreciation Banquet

The curtain has fallen on the second edition of the NTU International Mentorship Program (IMP), sounding a successful note. The Appreciation Banquet, attended by nearly 200 mentors, students, and distinguished guests, including Executive Vice President Prof. Shih-Torng Ding, Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, and Mr. Giuseppe Izzo, Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce, was a celebration of the collaborative effort to cultivate the international talents at NTU. Each mentor received a thoughtfully designed co-branded coffee gift box of aromatic NTU coffee from NTU Office of International Affairs (NTU OIA), as a token of appreciation.

College of Public Health Celebrates 30th Anniversary with an Academic Feast

The NTU College of Public Health (CPH) celebrated the significant milestone of its 30th-anniversary by holding an international symposium last October. The main theme of symposium concerned the analysis and application of multiomics data in the field of public health, and the list of distinguished speakers included this year's KP Chen Memorial Lecturer Prof. George Davey Smith, FRS, Prof. Steven Hyman, Prof. Fumihiko Matsuda, Prof. Pak Chung Sham, and Prof. Cathy SJ Fann.

Cracking Linguistic Puzzles: NTU’s Linguistics Legacy on the World Stage

Ever since Taiwan's inaugural participation in the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) in 2016, Prof. Shu-Kai Hsieh, a dedicated mentor at the NTU Linguistics Institute, has been guiding our young linguists to success on this grand stage. In 2023, linguistics talents from NTU won 2 golds, 11 silvers, 9 bronzes, and 15 honorary awards, showcasing their prowess on the international stage. Notably, three participants earned a place in the prestigious IOL Hall of Fame for their exceptional achievements.


Discovery of the Regulatory Mechanism of Toll-like Receptor 3

Triggering Interferon Production and Viral-induced Respiratory Bacterial Superinfections

The team led by Prof. Li-Chung Hsu from NTU Institute of Molecular Medicine, College of Medicine revealed for the first time the regulatory effect of the ubiquitin ligase ZNRF1 on the immune response mediated by Toll-like Receptor 3 (TLR3). This discovery provides new research directions for the treatment of bacterial superinfections caused by respiratory viral infections.

Breakthrough in Real-Time Monitoring of Tumor Cell’s DNA Repair Activity

A team of researchers led by Prof. Hung-Yuan (Peter) Chi from the Institute of Biochemical Sciences at National Taiwan University has achieved a significant milestone by developing a novel adenovirus-based fluorescence method to monitor DNA repair activity in tumor cells precisely. Notably, it has been successfully applied to tumor cells isolated from ovarian cancer patients, demonstrating its potential to accurately predict clinical responses to medication. This breakthrough contributes significantly to the

Exciting Discovery Reveals Link Between Deep-Sea Fish Communities and Changing Seawater Temperatures

In an interdisciplinary research effort spanning over three years, a team of talented scientists based in Academia Sinica (AS) and National Taiwan University (NTU) has unveiled a significant breakthrough in our understanding of the drivers of deep-fish ecology.

Developing an Efficient New Method for Identifying Far-Red Cyanobacteria

Associate Prof. Ming-Yang Ho from NTU Department of Life Science and Assistant Prof. Po-Yu Liu from the School of Medicine, National Sun Yat-sen University have collaborated to develop a bioinformatics method for effectively identifying far-red cyanobacteria. Named as “Far-Red Cyanobacteria Identification” (FRCI), this novel method utilizes high-throughput next-generation sequencing technology with higher sensitivity and resolution to better understand the distribution and diversity of these special cyanobacteria in the environment.

Teaching & Learning

Charting the Future of Neuroscience: First Brain Bank in Taiwan

After six long years of dedicated preparatury work since 2017, NTU has finally established Taiwan Brain Bank, an initiative aimed at building a comprehensive database of tissue samples to advance domestic medical research. This landmark project, the first of its kind in Taiwan, not only complies with rigorous government regulations but also meets the highest global standards, thus joining the ranks of the 150 brain banks worldwide.

Empowering Leaders of the Next Generation: Innovative Program in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience

Global climate change has produced an increased frequency and scale of disasters, marked by complex and interconnected factors and effects. There is a pressing demand for experts with cross-disciplinary knowledge who can meet the intertwined socio-ecological challenges in an evidence-based and socially conscious manner.

Office of Future NTU Initiatives: Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

National Taiwan University (NTU) marked a major milestone in advancing the Ministry of Education’s “Future University Project" by inaugurating the "Office of Future NTU Initiatives" last September. This newly established “initiative office” will work to instill the ethos of the future university within NTU,


Uniting for Impact: Showcasing Social Responsibility Initiatives at Taiwan Universities

During the past six years, the University Social Responsibility (USR) Program has reached many remarkable milestones. The first stop of the “2023 Exhibition of Engaged Scholarship” was in Northern Taiwan. Organized by the National Taiwan University System and five universities, the exhibition features over 60 different booths, which beautifully illustrated the myriad facets of social responsibility initiatives across academia.

Brand New Ground Floor of the Main Library Inaugurated

NTU Main Library commenced operations in the heart of campus in 1998, offering resources and support to countless readers over the past quarter century. However, due to structural limitations of the building, the library was unable to provide many innovative library services. To remedy this situation, the Operational Planning Committee was set up in 2014 to develop a space and service remodeling plan for NTU Main Library, under three guidelines: sustainable use, flexible space utilization, as well as diverse and innovative services.

95th Anniversary to Unveil Centenary Vision: Recognizing Contributions and Talents while Moving towards a Smart Sustainable Campus

NTU held a ceremony to celebrate its 95th anniversary last November. The ceremony awarded an honorary doctorate to Mr. Yung-Tsai Cho, President of HIWIN Technologies Corp., as well as commending 10 outstanding alumni and presenting the Student Social Contribution Award.

On Display: Revitalized Taivoan Embroideries

The special exhibition “Patah Ki Hima. Raan Ki Tara – Colorful Taivoan Needlework,” curated by the NTU Museum of Anthropology and the Siaolin Community Development Association based in Jiaxian District, Kaohsiung City, will be on display until February 3, 2024

Play and Learn: The “Operation Egg Industry Transformation” Board Game AR Experience

Chia-Chi Tsai, CEO of Talent Field, a community placemaking1 enterprise based in Chiayi, was invited by NTU D-School to share innovative methods for initiating discussions on egg issues with the students. Starting with a