Prof. Huang-Yu Wang, VP for Office of Legal Affairs:

Ensuring Lawful Operations and Laying a Solid Legal Foundation

NTU set up the Office of Legal Affairs in 2019 as the first university-level office dedicated to legal affairs among all colleges and universities in Taiwan. A dedicated team of legal counsels were hired to solve legal issues related to university affairs and provide legal advice, such as review contracts and related documents, act as the agent ad litem, maintain university property and the NTU trademark, solve labor disputes, and ensure the legal force of construction procurement contracts.


2023 European Physical Society Hannes Alfven Prize Bestowed on Prof. Pisin Chen

The 2023 Hannes Alfvén Prize, awarded by the European Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics (EPS-DPP), has been jointly presented to Professors Pisin Chen of National Taiwan University and Jamie Rosenzweig and Chandrashekhar Joshi of UCLA in Bordeaux, France. This prestigious prize was awarded in recognition of their exceptional contributions in proposing, demonstrating, and conducting groundbreaking experiments on plasma wakefield accelerator (PWFA) driven by particle beams. The recipients have made significant advancements in various areas of the field, including the

Mapping the Future of Optimal Aging: NTU Team Wins Oxford Social Innovation Competition

Already on the precipice of super-aged society status, Taiwan is on the leading edge of a challenging global trend. This year’s University of Oxford Map the System competition was just the latest example of that growing interest, awarding NTU undergraduates Yu-Chun Lin, Joyce Fu, and Julia Lin third prize at the global finals this July.


Israel Unveiled: Quest for Culture, Innovation, and Heritage

The Jeffrey D. Schwartz & NaTang Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association (JTCA) orchestrated a distinctive Taiwanese Students Study Tour in Israel this summer. A group of 30 students from NTU was carefully chosen to join this inspiring tour and be immersed in the local Israeli culture, savor authentic Israeli cuisine, and engage with the vibrant ecosystem of startups, NGOs, and universities. This initiative was aimed at fostering meaningful and dynamic cultural exchange relations between Israel and Taiwan.

Global High School Exchange Forum: Experiencing the World-Class Campus

The Office of International Affairs welcomed 32 principals and counselors from 24 overseas high schools to participate in an exchange forum this summer. The guests came from Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


Advances in Rescue Therapies for Difficult-to-Treat H. Pylori Infections

Helicobacter pylori is the principal cause of stomach cancer. National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) provides H. pylori screening and eradication treatment to individuals with a high-risk profile for stomach cancer. With the support of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, several medical centers in Taiwan jointly established the “Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium for Gastrointestinal Disease and Helicobacter,” under the leadership of President Prof. Ming-Shiang Wu. The Consortium conducts clinical trials and carries out H. pylori screening. The screening results indicate that the prevalence rate of H. pylori among adults in Taiwan has decreased from 60% three decades ago to 30% at present. Among children, it has decreased further to 10%. During this period, the standardized incidence rate of stomach cancer has also declined.

Unveiling the Molecular Mechanism of Cardiac Sarcomere Assembly: New Hope for the Treatment of Cardiomyopathy

It has been found that a mutation of the sarcomeric proteins causes an abnormality in sarcomere assembly that induces cardiomyopathy. Composed of hundreds of sarcomeric proteins, sarcomere is the fundamental functional unit of heart muscle. The mechanism of sarcomere assembly in the early stages of heart development remains unclear. Researchers must understand this mechanism in order to devise effective treatments of cardiomyopathy.

Secrets of Dark Energy: DESI Project Unveils Cosmic Mysteries

Over the span of three decades, astronomers have made a profound discovery about the universe: its expansion not only persists but is accelerating, defying explanation through the laws of known physics. This phenomenon is termed "Dark Energy," and is one of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos in modern science. To learn more about Dark Energy, over 70 institutions worldwide, hosting hundreds of scientists and engineers, have joined hands to build the formidable Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI). Affixed to the monumental Nicholas U.Mayall telescope in Arizona, this advanced instrument aims to assemble the most extensive 3-D map of the universe ever unfolded, encompassing over 40 million celestial objects, from distant galaxies to supermassive black holes.

Advancing Memory Technology: Energy-Efficient CFET-based 8T SRAM

As data-centric applications, such as high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI), continue to shape cutting-edge technologies, the demand for high energy efficiency becomes paramount. Such applications rely heavily on high-capacity embedded static random-access memory (SRAM) arrays that operate at low supply voltage, requiring large memory capacity and minimal SRAM cell area to boost computing capabilities. Since computing cores continually access on-chip SRAM caches, the key to making future advances in high-performance computing applications will be to enhance the density, performance, and energy efficiency of SRAM caches. Complementary Field

Introducing Taiwan’s Largest Reptile Fossil— ‘The Crocodile Princess'

Associate Prof. Cheng-Hsiu Tsai of the Department of the Life Science and his graduate student Yi-Yang Cho of the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at National Taiwan University made a significant discovery after four years of meticulous research. They identified Taiwan's largest known reptile fossil,Toyotamaphimeia taiwanicus, an extinct endemic crocodilian lineage in Taiwan. Their discovery, which sheds light on an important facet of Taiwan's

Teaching & Learning

Opening up a New World of Daydreams with D-School

This year, D-School D-DAY-- an end-of-semester sharing session-- drew nearly 500 participants. Themed “D-DAYDREAMER,” the event attracted people to realize their dreams and ignited a spark in everyone’s heart.
The band that performed at the university’s commencement ceremony was invited to play at the opening ceremony of D-School D-Day, drawing an impressive crowd to dance around


Visually Impaired Student Wins President’s Education Award

Pei-Gen Wang is a student in NTU’s Department of Social Work. His name means “nourishing the root,” and he has been nurturing himself with optimism, positivity, and self-confidence to grow into a giant tree to shelter and nourish others. Born into a visually-impaired family, he lost his eyesight due to retinal detachment when he was young. However, he has remained dedicated to his studies with the solid support of his family and friends. In 2010, he won his first President’s Education Award as a junior high school student.

Chasing Dreams at Full Speed: NTU Racing Unveils Epsilon 4

Buckle up and rev up your engine for a ride of a lifetime! NTU Racing, a car racing team, driven by the passion of brilliant ensemble of NTU students from various departments, pulled off the ultimate car unveiling event in July. The team debuted their latest masterpiece, the all-new fourth-generation race car—the “Epsilon 4.” Compared to its predecessors, the Epsilon 4 features a new battery module, lighter weight, stronger structural integrity, and an added bottom plate and anti-toll bars for increased stability. The Epsilon 4 can reach a maximum speed of 96 kilometers per hour and its outstanding performance helped NTU Racing achieve impressive results in the Formula Student Taiwan (FST) car racing tournament hosted at Lipao Racing Park.

Table Tennis Team: Journey of Friendship and Glory

The NTU table tennis team, led by Prof. Hsin-Fu Lin and Instructor Yi-Chieh Chen, features student talents who are passionate about this sport. Hailing from a diversity of academic departments, these talents excel not only in their studies but also show prowess at the table tennis table. Despite their diverse interests and backgrounds, they share a common objective: to sharpen their table tennis skills and win trophies and glory for their school.

Weaving Narratives, Building Community: Indigenous Students Forge Unity

Since 2022, the NTU Indigenous Students Resource Center (ISRC) has been hosting an enticing event: "Good Food, Good Things." This gathering serves as a lively platform for indigenous students meet, not just to forge bonds but also to learn from their upper classmates. In this unique space, the students begin to address each other as "brother and sister," uniting then to practice the cherished tradition of "food sharing" that holds deep significance in their cultural heritage. The event is also an occasion for them to exchange personal narratives—and embark on a collective journey of understanding and companionship.