Exploring the Unknown with Materials: Interview with Dr. Li-Chyong Chen

Flower baskets arrayed outside Dr. Li-Chyong Chen’s office at the Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (CCMS) express the heartfelt congratulations of many for election as a new Academician. This is her latest milestone of honorable recognition since she won the Academia Sinica Early-Career Investigator Research Achievement Award, and was named a Fellow of the Materials Research Society in the US and the Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Award. This latest milestone offers conclusive proof of the relentless efforts she has made in physics for nearly four decades.


Superintendent James Chih-Hsin Yang of NTU Cancer Center Receives 2022 Paul A. Bunn Jr. Scientific Award from IASLC

James Chih-Hsin Yang, Chair Professor of the NTU Graduate Institute of Oncology and Superintendent at NTU Cancer Center Hospital, was bestowed the 2022 Paul A. Bunn Jr. Scientific Award from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) for his contributions to the understanding of epidermal growth factor receptor mutated nonsmall cell lung cancer. He received the award in person from IASLC’s President, Prof. Heather Wakelee, CEO, Prof. Karen Kelly and Prof. Paul A. Bunn at the opening ceremony of the World Conference of Lung Cancer (WCLC) 2022 in Vienna on August 6.


Meiji U Prof. Ken Suzuki: Law Scholar & Social Activist who Facilitated NTU, Hokkaido U Partnership

Ken Suzuki began his studies at Hokkaido University’s Department of Law in 1979. During his time there, he studied abroad at Renmin University, learned Mandarin, and conducted research in Chinese Civil Law. In 1991, he started his career as an Associate Professor at Hokkaido University. Following the advice of a colleague in the Political Studies Department, he applied for funding from the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association and came to NTU’s Department of Law in 1999 to serve as a visiting professor.

Honoring Bureau Français de Taipei Scholarship Recipients

On September 18, representatives from NTU attended the Réception en l’honneur des boursiers, Promotion 2022 hosted by Bureau Français de Taipei (BFT). The event was held to celebrate the scholarship awardees from Taiwan who are journeying to France for study and research in the coming semester. In his opening remarks, BFT Director Jean-François Casabonne-Masonnave encouraged the awardees to be open-minded and flexible during their sojourns in France. Representing NTU, Johnny Wu, Head of Global Relations, NTU Office of International Affairs, took the stage to thank BFT for their efforts in creating such prestigious opportunities for international academic exchanges and congratulate the awardees.


Published in Nature: International Collaboration Based on Cross-Sectional STM

Professor Ya-Ping Chiu (Department of Physics, TSMC-NTU Research Center, Graduate School of Advanced Technology) and her team (graduate student Zi-Liang Yang and Dr. Bo-Chao Huang) took part as co-authors in the research of 2D layered semiconductors with cross-sectional STM conducted by Prof. Lain-Jong Li, Chair of the University of Hong Kong and Prof. Sean Li of the University of New South Wales. Their research results were published in the prestigious international journal Nature in March 2022.

Evolutionary Generation of Phosphor Materials and Their Progress in Future Applications for Light-Emitting Diodes

In recent years, the technology related to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has attracted worldwide attention. As a key light conversion material in LED devices, phosphor materials play a vital role in the development of LED components. During the last several decades, the requirements for phosphor materials have become ever more stringent, from the initial pursuit of high brightness to narrow-band emission and eventually spectral regulation engineering that contributes to different functions. Although substantial progress has been made in the development of phosphor materials, the need to meet all the requirements of high-end applications remains highly challenging. Therefore, understanding the principles of past phosphor design is an important cornerstone for the continuing development of novel phosphor materials.

Split Westerly Winds over Europe: Breakthrough by Int'l Geoscientists

Located at the mid-high latitude at 40-70oN, Europe enjoys comfortable, mild autumn and winter weather. Such pleasant weather is regulated by the warm, humid westerly winds from the North Atlantic Ocean. During the 15th to 19th centuries, Europe experienced the unexpectedly coldest winters in the last over ten thousand years. This period is known as the “Little Ice Age” (LIA). It was hypothesized that LIA was caused by volcanic eruptions and low solar activity. However, the detailed climate pattern of Europe remains unclear.

Mechanism of Fibronectin-Induced Small GTPase Stability and Promotes Cell Migration

Professor Fang-Jen Lee, Ph.D. student Ming-Chieh Lin, and the research team from the NTU Institute of Molecular Medicine recently published a paper that was featured in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an authoritative international science journal, on July 20, 2022.


Immersive Art: A New Reality Happening on Campus

An avant-garde immersive experience presented by NTU’s College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), College of Bioresources and Agriculture (BICD), and the Department of Drama and Theatre was unveiled at the Future Exhibition Hall in August. Experimenting with virtual images, immersive technologies, arts, and education, the experience allowed students to admire art while exploring a virtual forest world.

Open Online Course Project for High School Students

The Digital Learning Center (DLC) at NTU has long been committed to promoting the development of digital learning on campus. Since its inauguration, DLC has served as a platform for open courses, such as the National Taiwan University OpenCourseWare (NTU OCW) and National Taiwan University Massive Open Online Course x Coursera (NTU MOOC x Coursera), offering over 300 online courses to students on and off campus.

Our First English Specialization Program on East Asian Regional Politics

Located at the junction of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, Taiwan has always been an important player in the ongoing geopolitical tussles of the region. In recent years, China has drastically transformed its position in East Asia and the world given to its rapid economic and military development. As China increases its political influence, more social science researchers are shifting their focus to East Asia to study how China will shape the political and economic landscape of the region.


It’s Time to Leave Covid-19 Behind and Start a New Life!

“Go NTU!” the joyous sound of the cheerleaders kicked off this year’s distinctive convocation. The in-person, onsite event, themed “#NTUNEWLIFE,” celebrated the arrival of the incoming freshmen class, inviting students to check in and take pictures. Unlike any such ceremony in the past, this year’s program not only included a spectacular routine by the NTU Cheerleaders but a variety of sparkling talents presented by many NTU student clubs. At the event, formal speeches and standard music were replaced by interactive Q&A sessions and entertaining videos, creating a light-hearted mood among the crowd.

The First NTUer in Professional Baseball: Yi-Cheng Lan Realizes His Baseball Dream

Yi-Cheng Lan, who graduated from the Department of Chemistry last year, pitched for the NTU baseball team during his student days. He took part in the 2022 Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) Draft this July and was selected in the 7th round by the professional baseball team Wei Chuan Dragons. He was the first NTUer to play in the professional league in the CPBL’s 33 years of history.

All It Takes Is All You’ve Got: Women’s Tennis Team

NTU Women’s Tennis Team, which includes general student members and professional student-athlete members, has over 34 years of history. General students can be recruited by participating in the team tryouts held at the NTU Freshmen Cup and NTU Cup every semester. Student-athletes, on the other hand, are eligible to join solely based on their GPA scores.

Sugar Production Chimney: A Pillar of Support on Campus

Quietly overshadowing several lecture halls and the Administration Building not far from Roosevelt Road, stands a nearly 20-meter-high chimney covered with verdant vines. This industrial structure, which appears out of place on campus, is the boiler room and chimney of the fermentation lab built in the era of Taihoku Imperial University, NTU’s institutional predecessor.