Planting the DNA of NTU All Over The World

Interview with Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, President of NTU

Prof. Wen-Chang Chen assumed office as the President of NTU at the beginning of the year, receiving the baton to lead NTU further down the road to internationalization. At the end of March, he received delegations from Université Grenoble Alpes in France and Kyushu University in Japan. While these activities might appear to follow the tradition of NTU’s international academic exchanges, the seeds of change have been planted.

Global Outlook

Setting Sail: Launch of the Israel Apprenticeship Program and Overseas Internship Program

NTU held the launch ceremony of the Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association (JTCA) Taiwanese Students Study Tour in Israel & NTU Overseas Internship Program (NTU OIP) in May. The event was co-hosted by NTU President Wen-Chang Chen and JTCA Founders Mr. Jeffrey D. Schwartz and Ms. Nana Tang. Representatives of partners and sponsors were also invited to witness this important milestone in the lives of over 60 students—to cheer them on as they embark on an exciting chapter on their life journey.

NTU x ECCT Women in ESG Leadership

NTU and the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan Low Carbon Initiative (ECCT LCI) co-organized a seminar held in May that showcased the expertise of five exceptional female business leaders from several industries, including information technology, healthcare, cosmetics, energy, and automotive. These experienced speakers shared their journeys of personal learning, career experiences, and insights into environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG). The event was aimed to foster a deeper understanding among the young participants about ESG development trends and encourage them to explore these vital areas.

NTU System and Malaysian High Schools Unite for Academic Advancement

The National Taiwan University System (NTUS), renowned for academic excellence, has taken a significant step forward by establishing the NTUS International High School Alliance. This strategic initiative aims to attract, foster, and retain exceptional students from high schools worldwide. The signing ceremony, led by Prof. Wen-Chang Chen, President of NTU, and Chairman of NTUS, Prof. Shih-Torng Ding, Executive Vice President of NTU and CEO of NTUS, and Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Vice President for International Affairs of NTU, marked the alliance’s formal inauguration. Thirteen prestigious Chinese independent high schools in Malaysia were the first to join this alliance.

Co-hosting the 2023 ESG and Management Innovation International Conference with Macquarie University

The College of Management at National Taiwan University (NTU) and NTU Management Review, in collaboration with Macquarie University Business School (MQBS) in Sydney, Australia, jointly organized the 2023 ESG and Management Innovation International Conference this past spring. This conference delved into various areas of business management, including finance, accounting, marketing, operations and information management, and organizational behavior. However, the primary focus of the event was environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), a rising critical area of study in contemporary business management research.


Causes of Island Fauna Extinctions

The Role of Dwarfism and Gigantism in Human-Mediated Extinctions on Islands

Associate Prof. Cheng-Hsiu Tsai of NTU’s Department of Life Science and researchers from 20 institutions worldwide led by Dr. Roberto Rozzi collaborated on an international paleontology research project to assess island extinctions globally.

Ambient and Indoor Air Quality on Dementia and Cognitive Impairment

Dementia has been identified as a public health priority by the World Health Organization. Prof. Yen-Ching Chen of the College of Public Health at NTU collaborated with three hospitals in conducting a case-control study “Dementia and Aging Research Group of Taiwan (DART)” from 2007-2011. Her research team found that long-term (13 years) low-level [below Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard] exposure to PM10 and O3 was associated with a 2 and 4-fold increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia, respectively (Ref. 1). These findings have drawn the attention of over 30 news outlets and the US EPA.

Re-Connecting the Link between Extreme Geohazards and the Past through Foraminifera

Taiwan’s unique geographical location makes it susceptible to extreme events triggered by climate change and tectonic activities, such as typhoons and earthquakes. By thoroughly examining the comprehensive record of past intense geohazard events, insight can be gained into the frequencies and predictions of these events. Extreme geohazards can lead to submarine landslides in the form of turbidity currents, but although many turbidite layers have been identified in the offshore sedimentary record of Taiwan, knowledge regarding the sediment’s origin, its original water depth, and its triggers remains limited.

Hynobiidae Geographical Distribution Map in Taiwan Completed by Prof.  Ju Yu-Ten’s Team

From 2020 to 2022, Shei-Pa National Park, Taroko National Park, and Yushan National Park integrated their resources for Prof. Yu-Ten Ju of NTU’s Department of Animal Science and Technology to lead a cross-domain integration project titled “Habitat, Genetic Structure, and Biology of Taiwan Salamander (Hynobiidae) Distribution in Alpine National Parks.” The research covers areas surrounding the national parks to draw a map of the geographical distribution of Hynobiidae, collect their life history data, and infer their habitat needs through an analysis of their feeding habits.

Teaching & Learning

MPB Biodiversity Workshop: Bridging Cultures and Disciplines

The International College of NTU, established in 2021, has demonstrated remarkable progress in fostering interdisciplinary integration and creating an immersive English learning environment to cultivate global talents. With a focus on innovative educational approaches, the college has launched four interdisciplinary master’s programs: Master’s Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science, Master’s Program in Biodiversity, Master’s Program in Smart Medicine and Health Informatics, and Master’s Program in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience. Each program curriculum emphasizes the unique strengths of NTU and strives to provide exceptional experiences in higher education.

Integrated Resource Utilization for Disaster Risk Management Course

NTU Summer College offers a unique “Disaster Risk Management Course” led by experienced instructors from NTU’s Center for Weather and Climate Disaster Research and rescue teams with ample field experience with the Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation. This course provides an in-depth learning experience by combining research theories with practical applications. It aims to enhance the students’ rapid problem-solving skills, foster an interdisciplinary mindset, and promote life education, instilling the values of social responsibility and personal well-being.

Finding Research Collaborators through NTU TOPICs

Scientific collaboration is crucial for amplifying research capacity and impact in that researchers can achieve deeper and broader scientific breakthroughs by engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration. To increase public awareness of researchers at NTU and identify potential partners, NTU Library has developed the “NTU TOPICs” search platform. Much like a social media network, the website diagrams research topics and similarities among NTU authors.


Aspire Before Flight: Commencement Ceremony 2023

On May 27, NTU celebrated Commencement Ceremony 2023, themed “Aspire Before Flight,” at NTU Sports Center. The ceremony was a momentous occasion for a total of 9,512 NTU graduating students, comprising 5,166 undergraduates, 3,923 master’s students, and 423 doctoral students. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and joy as the venue welcomed the graduating students’ family members and loved ones who shared in their pride, joy, and excitement. The campus buzzed with happiness as crowds gathered, capturing this special and unforgettable moment through photographs.