Prof. Da-Ming Wang, Secretary-General:

Embracing the Next Century of Excellence

The core mission of the Secretariat is “bringing people together.” A great campus can have many voices, and the Secretariat is dedicated to finding common ground, opening up communication, and fostering collaboration among different groups. National Taiwan University will celebrate its centennial in 2028, and at this crossroad of transition, we aim to showcase our rich and diverse traditions on the international stage.


Nobel Laureate Hiroshi Amano Leads off the NTU Royal Palm Lecture Series

NTU proudly introduces the NTU Royal Palm Lecture Series, a dynamic academic initiative to invite highly-accomplished individuals from academia and business circles, overseas as well as local, to present lectures on our campus. This initiative is aimed to broaden the horizons of our students and faculty alike.

Raymond Soong Commits NT$200 Million over the Next 10 Years to Sponsor Nobel Laureates

A momentous occasion occurred on NTU campus this past August when NTU President Wen-Chang Chen and Raymond Soong, the founder of Lite-On Technology, met to announce the establishment of the "Raymond Soong Top Research Seminar." Soong has committed NT$20 million annually for the next decade-- an impressive NT$200 million in total. These funds are earmarked to support the Seminar's central mission: appoint Nobel Prize laureates as chair professors to collaborate with NTU faculty. These collaborations will include

Unleashing Innovation & Entrepreneurship: NTU Leaders Visit US Partners

President Wen-Chang Chen and his executive team embarked on a trip to the United States with the objectives of furthering collaborations between NTU and its sister schools in the US and observing several outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship hubs. President Chen's first stop was the University of Rochester, where he signed a collaborative agreement and his team held discussions on joint research endeavors and student exchange programs.

Expanding into Indonesia: Int'l High School Alliance

Following the “NTUS International High School Alliance” Signing Ceremony in Malaysia in May, the National Taiwan University System (NTUS) signed agreements with eight more Indonesian high schools, namely SMA Kristen 1 PENABUR Jakarta, SMA Kristen 5 PENABUR Jakarta, Sekolah Terpadu Pahoa, SMA Katolik St. Louis 1, SMA Darma Yudha, SMA Sutomo 1 Medan, Jakarta Taipei School, and Surabaya Taipei School this past August in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Advancing Battery Technology: The Promise and Challenges of Rechargeable Metal CO2 Batteries

In recent years, the development of rechargeable metal CO2 batteries has attracted considerable attention in the development of sustainable energy solutions and environmental preservation. These innovative batteries, particularly Lithium and Sodium-ion batteries, offer a promising way to mitigate CO2 emissions while powering the electric vehicle industry with their high energy density.

Unlocking the Secrets of Animal Mating Behavior

Physical contact is prevalent in the animal kingdom to recognize suitable mates by decoding information about sex, species, and maturity. For animals, the reproductive success of their offspring hinges on the careful selection of mates, a process governed by a variety of social behaviors. While chemical cues play a pivotal role in long-range communication, animals often switch to mechanical cues when in close proximity to potential mates.

Teaching & Learning

EcoVoyage: Int'l Expedition for Biodiversity Insights

Offered by the College of Life Science since 2010, the International Joint Field Course has a rich history of international collaboration. Over the years, the College of Life Science has established collaborative partnerships with esteemed institutions such as the University of the Ryukyus in Japan, Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia, Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, Academia Sinica, and Tunghai University.

One-Stop Solution for All Things VR

To promote immersive learning in virtual reality (VR), NTU Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs (DLC), invited Prof. Chia-Pin Yu, the head of the DLC’s Division of University Courses, to introduce the resources provided by the Center. He also discussed cases of both faculty and students who had utilized VR teaching aids in their respective fields.

D-School TBD Program, NTU Plus Organize Welcome Day

NTU established its D-School in 2015 and introduced the Trans-disciplinary Bachelor Degree Program (TBD) in 2021. During the 8 years since its establishment, NTU’s D-School has offered over 300 courses to its 7,000 students and faculty, involving diverse industries and communities to create and sustain a learner-centered open university.


Club Expo: Sparkling Talents Shine on Campus

Every autumn, NTU hosts the Club Expo, a lively event brimming with surprises. The 2023 Club Expo started in the morning with the clubs assembling to present a potpourri of performances that expressed the boundless creativity of campus life. The Club Expo has always attracted the students’ attention, and this year was even more enticing. After all, this was the first time post-pandemic that students could plan, rehearse, and engage in performances and set up displays without any health restrictions.

Freshmen Orientation Camp: Unveiling the Magic

For over a decade, the Orientation Camp (OC) has been an essential campus rite of passage, introducing the vibrant world of NTU to the wide-eyed freshmen. This year, the organizers of OC 16 drew inspiration from Tarot cards in innovating an array of amusing activities-- puzzle-solving, break-out games, newcomer orientation, a mesmerizing club bazaar, and a thrilling music festival. By participating in these activities, the newcomers received helpful tips on selecting courses, getting around campus, finding a place to stay, and generally making the most of campus life.

2023 Freshmen Cherish Their First Day at NTU

"The First Day at NTU," the opening ceremony for the 2023 academic year, began with a tutorial on the NTU school anthem by the FlyingNotes A Cappella Club. Next was the amusing, interactive Q&A session between faculty and students. Adding to the excitement, the NTU Magic Club and the NTU Wind Band thrilled the audience with spellbinding performances.

Fostering Unity and Wellness on Campus

National Taiwan University is the most highly-respected educational institution in Taiwan, and its vast campus is home to a dedicated community of over 11,000 faculty and staff members. Despite its impressive size, the university is still committed to ensuring that the faculty and staff are not treated merely as human resources-- workers and service people-- but also as individuals with unique needs and aspirations.